• A Total Solutions Provider

- of innovative and cost-efficient solutions within analysis, measurement and sampling
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We are Process Control

The Process Control Guarantee: All related to project management, engineering, design, fabrication, FAT, testing, installation, commissioning, documentation and after-sales will be taken care of in our projects

Total Solutions Provider

of innovative and cost-efficient solutions within analysis, sampling and metering

Chooses tailor made technology

dedicated to the requirements of the customer

Own project organization and document center

to ensure good progress in our projects and delivery of documentation and update of customers systems for handling of documentation

Assembling and testing

of systems is done in our own production and test offices

Analysis, Sampling & Metering systems

A product neutral supplier with all assembling and testing of systems done in our own production and test offices

  • H2S analysers
  • Gas Chromatography
  • pH, O2, Chlorine analysers
  • Dew point analysers
  • Fiscal sampling cabinets
  • Manual sampling cabinets
  • Oil in Water, Water In Oil analysers
  • Density and mass meters
  • Metering Systems and Stations
  • For measurement of gas composition, H2S, H2O, O2, Wobbe, pH, MEG etc.

    Complete Analysis Cabinets

  • For sampling of water, oil and gas

    Sampling systems


With more than 30 years of experience from the Norwegian Continental Shelf, we have more experience with analysis and sampling than any others. This has led to development of several cost-efficient products, such as:

  • Silanization
  • Orifices and Thermowells
  • Probe
  • Filter Membranes
  • Separation Tank

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Process Control’s engineers have extensive experience and expertise in analysis, sampling and measurement for both offshore and onshore applications.

Comissioning, Testing and Service

of analysis, sampling and metering systems.

Inspection and condition reports

on analysis, sampling and metering systems with proposed solutions for optimization.

Rebuilds and modification

of existing analysis, sampling and metering system.


of pipes / tubing and components that are contaminated due to waxing, chemicals or other process conditions.


in all equipment we supply, or general training in analysis, sampling and metering.

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