SC05 Manual Mulitphase Sampling

These cabinets are probably one of the most advanced cabinets regarding manual sampling. These cabinets have been developed in close cooperation between specialist engineers in Equinor and specialist engineers in Process Control.

This is a sampling cabinet which extracts samples at process pressure into back pressure cylinders (gas and oil/condensate) and water sampling into a portable sample bottle and even to a back pressure cylinder.

The cabinet is designed to take manual liquid samples, and H2S and CO2 samples manually with a syringe.

The sample separation cylinder in the cabinet is a stationary cylinder, with level indication via a back lit level indicator and a window directly in cylinder to observe the different phases.

Purpose for these samples is amongst to analyze density, viscosity, H2S, CO2, liquid and gas quality. The sample cabinet can give indication/estimation of water cut and GOR but has no fiscal purpose. For liquid sampling it samples both oil and water and separates this for individual sampling. The water sampling allows for multi-ion analyses.

The system can also be used as indication/estimation for fluid properties/PVT data updates, for field surveillance (allocation, production chemicals), in order to allow composition is back-calculated to crude density and gas density. Accuracy increases if there is a good mixing upstream the sample take off.

Cabinet does not have any direct measurements.

Cabinet can have several stream sampling lines entering the cabinet, all from 1 to 15.

The cabinet will be installed with a heater and set thermostat for wax prevention.

The separator unit in the cabinet is in 6Mo and is PED certified.

Typical Applications:

  • Production Flowlines
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