SC04 Manual Produced Water Sampling

This practical, small cabinet is used for sampling of liquid samples at any pressure. A vacuum operated vent removes fumes from the sampling operations. Sample is collected in a glass bottle, which has been located in a small internal cabinet.  Through a glass window we can observe the filling up of the bottle.

The cabinet was originally designed for sampling of produced separation water but may be used for many other purposes.

Typical Applications:

  • Water Degasser Oil Outlet
  • Water Degasser Oil Inlet
  • Water Degasser Water Outlet
  • Reject Vessel Inlet
  • Reject Vessel Water Outlet
  • Reject Vessel Oil Outlet
  • CFU Skid Water Outlet
  • CFU Skid Inlet
  • Reject Water CFU Skid Water Outlet
  • Reclaimed Oil Sump
  • Sand Treatment and Disposal Skid Water Outlet
  • Hydrocyclone Water Outlet
  • PW Sand Cyclone Skid Water Outlet
  • PW Sand Cyclone
  • Coalescer water outlet
  • Test Separator Water Outlet
  • Inlet Separator
  • Stabilization Separator
  • Electrostatic Coalescer
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